The Globe and Mail : Noticed - Drum Circles

A funny thing is happening in Muskoka. Every Wednesday night at dusk, people gather in a circle on the Georgian Bay shore to beat drums. If the first image that comes to mind is a coven of Wiccans, think again.

Picture a gathering of the straightest, most mainstream Canadian families -- thirtysomething dads with drooling babies and grandparents in Tilley hats -- banging away together on African djembes, congas and Cuban tambourines. What they are doing is called "community" drumming, or a "drum circle." And along with being one of the biggest family night draws at the proper, 150-year-old Delawana Inn at Honey Harbour, the ancient, tribal practice of group drumming is emerging across North America as one of the hottest new tools for schools, offices and big corporations for fostering community and building team spirit.