These programs are jam packed with insights and activities to serve the growing need to meet the current curriculum demands of "Drum Circle and Multi-Cultural Integration" using music and rhythm. You will engage in inspirational activities that create fun, innovative and thoughtful games of interaction, as well as applications for inclusion of metaphors to quickly add value to facilitation skills for any community.  

Bring to life the lessons and the power of Doug Sole's highly successful book "Human Rhythmic Energy" through further enhancing your skills as a drum circle facilitator under the guidance of Canada’s Premier Drum Circle Activist. This valuable course provides you with an encyclopedia of techniques to enhance your ability for positively influencing others. Teachers will learn to empower themselves in the challenges of “New Curriculum” and “Character” enhancing requirements. This course will easily guide participants through basic and advanced music curriculum requirements. Through understanding the easy to use iconology card games, the student and the teacher will be engaged in directing the drum circle by using all the elements of music making, from notation, dynamics, timbre, literacy, as well as social interaction, mentoring math skills, and character based leadership skills.   

In this course, you will learn how to apply these fundamentals, which demonstrate the importance of the “human element” in the way people today can come together in creating successful communities and more inspirational members of society. Working through this training, you will begin to realize your voice and the power of your own capacity to serve, these skills will naturally become an extension of who you are as human being, as you travel the path to becoming a more effective and compassionate leader.