Diamond Program

Base price x4, 

8 times value of Gold (2.5 - 3hours) 

Promise: Values Centered Leadership, Teamwork, Collaboration Mentoring, and entertainment 

Impact: Extremely High. 

Bonus: rewards program and The Soul Drummers Idol competition. 

The Diamond program is the most engaging event that we offer. It combines all the benefits and activities of the gold, platinum and platinum plus programs with one additional special bonus. The event includes a remarkably entertaining program that includes themes designed to demonstrate effective teamwork, listening skills, collaboration challenges, leadership principals and effective mentoring. This program is often requested to improve synchronicity within corporate hierarchies. 

For the finale of the event, your team is divided into smaller groups where a “team leader” will become the mediator or facilitator for the groups performance. It will be a light hearted approach to a serious topic. Each group is challenged to quickly navigate through a maze of requirements in order to create an effective rhythmical performance. Using the metaphors learned during previous sessions with the Soul Drums team, we coach the leaders separately, they then meet with their group to collectively apply these skills and establish a short “finale show” called “The (Client ABC’s ) Drumming Idol Competition” ! (Winners - there may be more than one, are thereafter known as the “Client ABC’s drum gurus!)  

We then select the most promising groups who have demonstrated most effectively the principal goals of the program. You may, if you wish, present affordable percussive gift “prizes”. The Diamond program promises a positive entertaining experience. A program that demands each team member be more than just a spectator at an event, helping establish that it’s not what you say you’ll do, but what you do that counts. Values-centered leadership, teamwork, collaboration, mentoring skills… and the diamond bonus…the promise of a touch of self pride!