Platinum Program

"This is Unity Through Diversity!"

We are often asked to create events that are entertaining, fun and creative, while sending a powerful message that illuminates the passion in what one does everyday. We have designed three presentation options that take particpants on a musical journey of unity. We infuse harmony, song and rhythms to demonstrates the art of effective listening. The important part is to be able to infuse this energy back into our day to day activities. These three short, but powerful programs demonstrate the power of listening. Listening is the number one return on investment, and the cornerstone of effectiveness. All team members perform as an orchestra, supporting the process of creating non-culturally specific as well as culturally specific music and rhythms. This one hour experience inspires group synergy, and a “harmonized” team effort. Any audience size is welcomed , as we use percussion instruments to bring melody, rhythm and song into a symphony of success!  Through our targeted questionnaire, we focus this process to ensure it relates directly to your corporate vision. The platinum program promises to be entertaining, while re-enforcing corporate direction. It is a teambuilding experience designed to inspire commitment and passion. Come maximize your team’s potential under the masterful facilitation skills of Soul Drums Ltd.